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Friday, 30 September 2016

3 Back To School Outfits

Hey Guys! I know that most of us have been in school for about a month now, but I wanted to show you these outfit designs that I made on Polyvore, an outfit designing app I have been loving! Make sure to go follow my Polyvore account!

Outfit # 1 : Casual

"Casual" by atweenschitterchatter on Polyvore featuring Banana Republic, Red Camel, Vans and Pusheen:
What I really like about this outfit is how comfortable it looks but still looks very cute and awesome!

Outfit #2
"Artsy" by atweenschitterchatter on Polyvore featuring Frame Denim, Jeremy Scott, Paige Denim, Lilly Pulitzer, Accessorize, Gucci and Tokidoki:
I really like how colorful and creative this outfit looks.

Outfit #3
"Sporty" by atweenschitterchatter on Polyvore featuring Boohoo, NIKE, Fitbit, Casetify and Alex and Ani:
I really like that this outfit looks fashionable in a sporty way.

That is all my friends! I hope you liked the outfits and accessories. Do you think I should do more outfit ideas ussing my own clothes or drawing them, or polyvore? What was your favorite outfit?

xx Bubbles

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Imperfect Me

Hey Guys! Today I wanted to share a poem with you guys that I read at school. It is called
Imperfect Me.  I hope you enjoy!

Imperfect Me

by Brod Bagert 

I used to try to be perfect:  
Perfect height, perfect weight, 
A perfect friend, the perfect date. 
Perfect makeup on my face 
 Every hair in perfect place. 
The perfect mask for all to see, 
I tried to be a perfect me. 

But I couldn’t do it:
I’m short and just a little plump, 
My nose has got a tiny bump,

My teeth? Too big. My ears? Too long. The me I see is always wrong.
I felt such animosity,
My life was an atrocity.

 But then I wised up: Perfect looks? A total scam!
Perfection lies in who I am. T
his girl has got one life to live 
And who I am is what I give,
And if I give with all my might 
The me I give will be just right.
And suddenly my heart broke free So here I am
Imperfect Me. 

So what do you guys think? Do you like the poem? When I read this at school I really wanted to share with you guys beacuse it made me think differently about myself. Does this poem change you emotionally? 

xx Bubbles

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Middle School Experience

Hey Guys! Sorry I've been taking a super long blog break. I have been adjusting to school and stuff, but I am planning some posts for this week. This is also a collab post with Nabila from Hot Town Cool Girl, so make sure to go check her post out! I hope you like it!

1 week before
OH MY GOSH! It's the LAST week of summer! No way! Didn't it start like a week ago? I feel like I'm forgetting something....*thinking* Oh right! OH NO, MIDDLE SCHOOOOL! I can't believe it's starting! It feels like just yesterday when I was in 1st grade just dreaming about my locker. *thinking about 1st grade* Oh I how much I miss 1st grade *sigh* But I have some new adventures ahead of me! *acts confident* Nope, I can't do this! What if have no friends? What if my teachers don't like me? WHAT IF THERE IS NO RECESS????? Well, I guess I am about to find out.
1st Week of school
It's not that bad I's little hard making friends but everyone seems really nice, the teachers are pretty funny and helpful....BUT THERE IS NO RECESSSSSS! WHYYYY! I guess I'm going to have to get used to it *sigh* I do like having art as my elective, though! It's so much fun! Sometimes it's hard to get to class on time from my locker, but my locker neighbors are really nice. I am liking middle school overall...

1 week after
I am so happy to have memorized my schedule and locker combination! Sometimes I feel kind of lonely but I have made some nice friends and I really like middle school! I think it's going to be a pretty awesome experience!

Did you like it? How is your school going so far? Make sure to go check Nabila's post out!

xx Bubbles