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Saturday, 26 August 2017

August Update!

Hey Guys!! It's almost the end of August!!! My school starts on Monday eeeeeh!!!! I decided a new little series I wanted to start would be a monthly round up/update kind of thing. I have noticed a lot of other blogs doing it and I really liked the idea!!!

This Month

  • I spent time back to school shopping. so.much.stationary!
  • I started learning guitar - I got an acoustic electric guitar and it's soooo coool!
  • I started a bullet journal - I finally did it!I am trying to keep it as minimalistic for now!

Goals for next month

  • Finalize organization system - I have talked a lot about being disorganized and I want to become better at being organized :) 
  • Start the school year awesomely!!!
  • Post consistently and work on longer posts!!

What do you think of this post? Do you think there is anything I should add to future monthly updates?

xx Bubbles

Saturday, 19 August 2017

AWESOME Summer Ideas! 😃

Hey guys! Summer is almost over 😒 (at least for me, I start school on the last week of august!!) So I have been trying to keep busy and do something fun or relaxing each day. Here are some ideas!


Movie Night is a lot of fun with my family! (I am an only child) Usually, we pick a funny movie and we eat dinner by the T.V and enjoy the night! You can make it even more special if you invite some of your friends over or eat some popcorn!

2. COOK!

Try some new recipes! This is can be a lot of fun whether you do it yourself, or with a friend/family member! This year I want to try and make some of my own school lunches (Usually my mom makes some for me) so I am trying out a couple simple snacks in the kitchen.

One of my favorite summer snacks is flavored ice cubes! They are very simple to make, all you need is your favorite juice, a freezer, and an ice tray. You need to put the juice in the ice tray for about 30 mins to an hour and then either stick some toothpicks so you can suck on the cube or put in a glass for a chilled drink.

Start a blog or youtube channel! Do something creative!!!

Sorry guys for the short post today :(

What are your favorite things to do in summer?

xx Bubbles

Friday, 18 August 2017

Rebel Belle Book Review

Image result for rebel belle

Hey Guys! Today I am going to give you guys a book review on the book Rebel Belle by
Rachel Hawkins. I loved this book and I highly recommend it! Now let's get into the review.

Rebel Belle is about a girl named Harper who is all of a sudden given the powers of a Paladin. Harper is a typical southern belle, she has a boyfriend and is involved in her school in every way from leading assemblies to organizing dances. When she becomes a Paladin everything in her life changes. All of a sudden she is given super ninja powers and is given the duty to protect the boy she hates most with her life. Will Harper be able to choose from protecting people to staying normal?

This book has adventure, mystery, romance, and comedy all combined! I highly recommend it!

I give this book 4 hearts :)
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Have you ever read rebel belle? What are your book recommendations?

xx Bubbles

Friday, 11 August 2017


"I don't have enough time!" This is a phrase I find myself commonly saying. I am guessing many others do the same. But recently I looked at the bigger picture and what I found out was surprising. I did some more research about this phrase (>o< I sound so serious...but trust me what I found out is interesting)  "We all have the same 24 hours, it just depends on how you spend it."

When I saw this phrase I was shocked...and I realized that is true. A lot of my friends juggle a million activities and I always wonder how they do it. But when I was reading articles about this phrase it mentioned that when you are saying that you don't have enough time you're convincing yourself that.

Don't do that! I myself am HORRIBLE with time management, but it is one of my goals this year to get better at it! So here are some of the tips I found which I will try my best to follow!


This is a method where you work for 25 mins and take a break for 5-10 mins. I get distracted VERY easily (causing me to procrastinate) so I am hoping this method will help me! (I'll keep you guys updated) I have started using the forest app which you set a timer on and if you end the timer or exit the app a tree (which you are growing) will die :(


I have started bullet journaling with a simple notebook, and I do enjoy it! I am lazy so sometimes I forget to fill it out, but I am getting better! This is motivating because you can personalize it and make it special!


I am going to try to read 3 motivational quotes a day to see if it helps me keep doing my work!


I will probably start trying this method once school starts. The touch it once method is when you only touch your task once making you get it done! You can also do this if your messy like me! When I come home from somewhere I'll usually leave my jacket wherever I am instead of putting it away so now I'm trying to put my stuff away as soon as I am done with it.

These are all things I am hoping will help me become more productive, organized, and motivated! Let me know if you guys have any more ideas!

Do you like posts like this? Are you really productive or lazy?

xx Bubbles

Saturday, 5 August 2017

Public Speaking Tips!

Back to school season is coming up very soon! So for today's post, I am going to give you some presentation tips! Thank you so much for filling out my feedback survey! The feedback was very helpful and it means a lot to me that you took time to fill it out. (If you haven't already filled it out, here's a link!)


You probably already know this, but practice makes perfect, so take time to practice giving a presentation so that you will feel prepared and confident when you're actually presenting. If I have a presentation I usually will present a couple times by myself, then take a video of myself and watch it a couple times to see if I want to improve somewhere. After I'm done with all that, I present to my parents because they also give me great feedback!


This tip helps me a lot! I get worried very easily and I always think of crazy situations that could happen to me. When I get super fidgety and nervous I take a deep breath and visualize myself being successful and do my best to achieve that.


One time when I was giving a book talk (it was a like a commercial for a book) I noticed my hands were shaking a lot. So I held my index card in one hand (I had mostly memorized my talk and I didn't need it that much) and I made some hand movements. That made me feel more loose and relaxed and nobody could see my hands shaking.


No, I'm not telling you to stare deep into peoples eyes, that makes me feel more nervous! Just keep looking around the room and occasionally stopping in one area. If a person is not looking up and hunched up staring at their note card, no one can hear them and they look + feel not very comfortable and confident. While you're looking around the room look at people's foreheads instead of their eyes. No one can tell the difference.

That's all the tips I have for today! I hope you have a great presentation!

Do you have any public speaking tips? Are you excited for back to school? When do you start school?

xx Bubbles

(P.S if you haven't filled out my blog feedback survey yet click this link. It would mean a lot!)