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About Me!

Hey there! I'm Bubbles! I am new the blogging world, but I am loving it! I have made so many new friends and read some amazing blogs. Anyhoo let me tell you a little more about me.
         I love animals, especially dogs and I really want one of my own. I always like learning about them and I even have a Pinterest board of really cute puppies.

     I also really really love books and reading. What I love about reading is that how it can take you to a whole different world, and how the right words can make you feel that you're in that world.

     I am not very good at writing and I want to get better which is one of the reasons I am blogging, to learn new things, make new friends and have fun!

I hope this blog makes you smile or help you out with something. Thank you for visiting and leaving comments! It makes my day :).

xx Bubbles


  1. Hi, Bubbles! Your blog is so great! :D

    -Anika <3

  2. Hello, Bubbles!! I love books and reading too, also, your blog is so pretty! <3

    -Gray Marie


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